We specialise in assisting Australian

Health Professionals with AHPRA Notifications,

Professional Services Review 

and Medical Board Complaints. 

Legal Services

We don't have large offices with huge numbers of support staff. We're small and we work from flexible workspaces, which means we don't have the overheads most law firms have. Instead, we're nimble and agile.


Disputes with your regulator

David is a former investigator and manager at one of the largest regulators in the country. Whatever your issue, we can assist.


Other employment issues

We're adept across the scope of legal practice that relates to the employment of professionals. No matter what challenge faces you in your professional life, we can give you the right answers quickly.

Except tax. We don't do tax. Seriously. You do not dabble in tax. Fortunately, we are able to work closely with specialist tax practitioners, to get you the outcomes you need.


Assistance with investigations

We are well versed in investigative processes, and can assist:

  • Organisations and employers with internal investigations

  • Those who are the subject of an investigation

Additionally, we can independently supervise the execution of Anton Piller / search orders. Get in touch and we can discuss your options. ​

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